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Sunday, 17 February 2013 06:16

Who Links to your Website?

Written by Kenny Gregory

Your website could have bad link partners

Keeping the wrong company on the web can have detrimental effects on your website in search results - it's official and I've catalogued hundreds of instances where well-intentioned link building campaigns have brought about chaos for website owners!

If you own an Australian business website, you cannot afford to NOT read this blog post!

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What's the story?

Welcome to Custom SEO Solutions, a brand new organic SEO company Melbourne, Australia based, servicing the world. Although we're relatively new on the market, our dynamic staff have over 30 years of collective SEO experience - we've worked for some of the biggest SEO concerns in Australia...and found them wanting!

Enter stage left an invigorated group who guarantee a natural SEO service like no other based on long forgotten concepts of honesty and courtesy. If we think it can't be done, you'll know all about it (politely)! We believe in a hard won fair race and won't promise what we can't deliver. In short, we're an Australian organic SEO company driven by integrity.

Who have do we work for? Our clients include a UK Online Newspaper, A top notch Employment Agency, Australia's biggest Promotional Products company and a Government Agency whose internal search function is now second to none.

What is so different about Custom SEO Solutions? We employ a "no-bull ethos" to everything that we do, at Custom SEO Solutions we genuinely work diligently and tirelessly to ensure we deliver good old fashioned value for money. A spade's a spade except for when it's a shovel...and plenty of shady SEO practicioners out there need shovels to dig themselves out of the holes they create for themselves...

Where do we work? Right across the world; the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Australian continent. As the web reaches farther across the globe day by day, we're a business that isn't bound by borders or language or culture - our valued principles and skills are recognised wherever we go.

When do we work? Given we are an organic SEO company based in Australia, we can strategically work while others sleep - we're that hardcore! Local clients love the fact we "get them" and overseas businesses think its pretty nifty that we're busy working on their websites when they're tucked up in bed.

Why all the above? Because as a group of web professionals, we're sick of working for SEO companies who pull the wool over their clients eyes. It's not all about making money, it's about being honest, working hard and going home with your head held high. Most of our time is spent servicing existing clients' needs with a natural SEO rollout - a healthy sign of an organic SEO company who keeps getting invited back to the party!

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